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Our kids deserve a safe, quality environment where they can grow and learn. By passing the Our Kids Count Referendum, we can make much-needed improvements to our public school facilities. Let’s support our children and show them we believe they count just as much as kids from surrounding communities.


Get the FACTS so you can be an INFORMED VOTER!


WHAT is the Our Kids Count Referendum?

The Our Kids Count Referendum is a plan to generate additional revenue, through a local millage increase, to enhance and better maintain public school facilities around Prattville in the Central and Daniel Pratt school zones.


WHY should I vote YES?

You should vote YES in the Our Kids Count Referendum because our kids deserve a safe, quality environment where they can grow and learn. By passing the referendum, we can make much-needed improvements to our public school facilities. Here are some specific reasons to vote YES:


  • Out of 138 public school systems across Alabama, local public schools in and around Prattville rank 133rd in per pupil expenditures – in the bottom 5%

  • Regarding revenue sources, the local average is exceptionally low—approximately $1,470 lower per student than the Alabama average

  • For local schools, the per-pupil expense is $8,750 while the Alabama average is $10,124 per-pupil

  • Therefore, the state and the feds are providing nearly all funding for public schools because the local revenue flows are so low

  • Quality public schools and modern facilities are key drivers of economic development and community growth. As demonstrated in many other areas across Alabama, modern public school facilities attract more teachers and enhance the economic prosperity of the surrounding communities

  • In order for Prattville to maintain our regional advantage and provide jobs for our children and grandchildren, quality public schools must be a top priority


HOW MUCH will this increase my annual and monthly property taxes? 

With the proposed 15 mill increase, property owners can expect to pay an additional $150 per year, which equates to $12.50 per month, on a current $100,000 tax assessment.


Simply put, this referendum means homeowners will be investing about as much as an average family spends on their Netflix subscription each year. Let’s show our kids we support them, their futures and the future of our community.


WHERE will the money go? 

The public schools in Prattville and the immediate surrounding areas are in need of improvements. Some dates of when the existing facilities were constructed:

Prattville Kindergarten      1936
Prattville Primary              1927
Prattville Elementary         1966
Prattville Intermediate       1961
Daniel Pratt Elementary    1996
Prattville Junior High         1960
Prattville High School        1977


The following is a list of proposed capital improvement projects:


  • Phase 1 is not contingent on the referendum passage, but Phase 1 construction is the only Phase of construction projects to be completed without the success of the referendum

  • Phase 1 is slated to begin in the Spring of 2023 and will build a new Early Learning Center that will include Pre-K and Kindergarten​

  • The location will be behind Daniel Pratt Elementary School


PHASE 2: (begin design process November thru January 2023)

  • Build a new elementary school on the current site of Prattville Elementary School and Prattville Intermediate School ($25-$30 million)

  • Renovate existing Autauga County Technology Center ($5 million)

  • Add an additional PE/activity space and increased lunchroom capacity at Daniel Pratt Elementary as well as improve traffic flow between Daniel Pratt Elementary and Prattville Early Learning Center ($3 million)

  • Increase STEM related programs in all schools with technology advancements

  • Expand co-curricular and extra-curricular programs at all campuses

PHASE 3: (begin Summer 2025)

  • Build a new Prattville High School for grades 9-12. Included in the plans…

  • A Fine Arts Center that will allow PHS to expand its Fine Arts Programs. The Fine Arts Center would also be available for community use

  • Baseball and Softball facilities

  • Gymnasiums

  • Competition track and field facility

  • Estimated design cost: $100,000


PHASE 4: (Spring/Summer 2027)

  • Build a new elementary school in the East Memorial area ($25-$30 million)

  • Upon completion of the new Prattville High School facility, Prattville Junior High School will then move to that facility for increased capacity in a central location


Questions & Answers

Q: If I live outside the city limits of Prattville, but in Autauga county, can I vote on this?

A: Yes, if you live in the immediate surrounding areas of the Prattville City limits, you can vote in the Our Kids Count Referendum.


Q: Who will benefit from this referendum?

A: The goal of the Our Kids Count Referendum is simple: generate additional revenue to put toward our public school facilities. As evident in many other areas across Alabama, modern public school facilities attract more teachers and enhance the economic prosperity of the community. Quality public schools is a key driver of economic development and overall growth. With better public schools, more jobs and industry will begin moving in benefitting the entire community.


Q: How do Prattville's current school property taxes compare to surrounding school systems?

A: The Our Kids Count Referendum proposes a 15 mill increase. Here’s what some other nearby school systems currently have in place:



Q: Why should Prattville residents who don't have children in the schools support this?

A: Quality public schools create an educated workforce. Whether you have students in a public school system or not, an educated workforce means higher incomes, better jobs, rising property values and visitor attractions. Today's Prattville students are tomorrow's pharmacists, construction workers, nurses, electricians and engineers in our area. Let's work to ensure Prattville and the surrounding areas are once again places that families seek out to move to and reside.